Welcome to UBC ROCKET

We are a student engineering design team at the University of British Columbia dedicated to the design, manufacture and launch of suborbital rockets. At Spaceport America Cup 2017, we won in the 10,000 feet Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) category. In 2018 we went back to Spaceport America with three rockets, one of which competed in the 30,000 feet category! Our eventual goal is to send a rocket to the edge of space - about 300,000 feet up!

If you are looking for a fast-paced team with ambitious goals and are willing to get your hands dirty, this is the team for you. Want to see more pictures, news and stories? Find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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What We Do


Design and build a liquid-fueled competition rocket

In the coming year, we will be designing, building, and launching a new rocket named Co-Pilot that will launch at the 2020 Launch Canada competition in Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada. If successful, this will be the first rocket that we have launched on home soil.

We will be building our own liquid propulsion system and implementing the lessons we learned from our Sky Pilot rocket, which we launched during the 2019 Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition in New Mexico, USA. To view Sky Pilot's stunning third-place performance, watch our in-flight and launch footage on our YouTube channel.

Our successfully launched and recovered Sky Pilot rocket at Spaceport America Cup 2019.

Showing competition attendees our hard work at IREC 2019.


Design and build a two-stage, solid motor commercial-off-the-shelf competition rocket

This project aims to build UBC Rocket's first two-stage, solid motor rocket named "Tantulus" and compete at IREC 2020.

This team is ideal for students starting out in engineering who are looking to become intimately familiar with all of UBC Rocket's design, manufacturing and testing processes.


Base11 Space Challenge

We are on our way to the edge of space! UBC Rocket is currently in the process of designing and building a liquid-fuel rocket that will reach an altitude of 100km above sea level (the Karman line). This rocket is competing in the Base11 Space Challenge for a $1 million dollar prize!

This is by far the most audacious project we are currently working on. We have recently hot-fired our heatsink liquid engine on our newly-built test stand and are currently working on the recovery, avionics, and airframe for the rest of the Whistler-Blackcomb rocket. Follow us on social media to keep up with our progress!

The Whistler Blackcomb team is ideal for very committed members who are passionate about rocket propulsion and are able to commit a very significant amount of time to the team.

3D rendering of our liquid-fuel heat sink engine.


Common Questions


How can I join?

Our fall recruitment has now closed. Please check back in January 2020 for our spring recruitment.


What time commitment is expected?

The team will hold weekly meetings during the regular semester which all members are expected to regularly attend. As deadlines approach, the pace and workload will naturally pick up and additional commitment will be required during the week. The 300k team will have commitment requirements above the weekly meeting, amounting to at least 15 hours weekly.


Can anyone join?

Yes. The team is open to all UBC students, including non-engineers! All you need to bring is positivity and a willingness to contribute regularly.


Where can I find more information?

More information about the team can be found in our Knowledge Base. If you have more specific questions send us a message!

Contact Us

Email us at hello@ubcrocket.com or send us a message via our various social media platforms:

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